Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are pets allowed?
Yes! West Bear Haven Estates welcomes pets.
Are there any restrictions on pets?
Pet restrictions are outlined in Strathcona County’s Bylaws for Urban Areas (Sherwood Park).  
Are there condo fees? How much are they?
West Bear Haven Estates is a bare-land condo association. The current condo fees are $200.00 per month.
Does West Bear Haven Estates have school bus service?
Yes, school buses run daily to West Bear Haven Estates, to a variety of schools and programs in Elk Island Public Schools and Elk Island Catholic Schools.  Families can visit or for more information.
How much are water costs?
$10/cubic metre, plus a $20/month per unit pumphouse charge.
What do the condo fees include?
Condo fees are made up of two components: 1) Subdivision operating costs, including: grounds maintenance, snow removal, gate and streetlight maintenance, legal and accounting fees, utilities and management fees, and miscellaneous expenses. These are detailed in our annual budget and audited financial statements. 2) Contribution to the capital reserve fund for the eventual replacement of the condo corporation’s capital assets. These are the roads, streetlights and gate.
Where does the wastewater go?
All units require a two-stage septic system. Solid waste is collected in the first tank and should be removed as needed by a septic tank cleaning company . These costs are the responsibility of the owner. Grey water is run off to the second stage and pumped to the sewer, where it flows to the Strathcona County lagoon, north of the golf course.
Where does the water supply come from?
Properties of Northern Bear (PNB) is our water supplier. The pumphouse is located along RR 222 just north of our subdivision on Hole 15. PNB gets the water from Strathcona County via a waterline. They are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. Strathcona County drinking water comes from the North Saskatchewan River, which originates at the Saskatchewan Glacier in the Rocky Mountains, 500km southwest of Edmonton. Strathcona County receives its water from EPCOR Water. EPCOR Water operates two water treatment plants in Edmonton, producing a total capacity of 530 million litres of water per day.


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West Bear Haven Estates is proud to be managed by:
Prince Properties Inc.
100-85 Cranford Way, Sherwood Park AB T8H 0H9
Tel: (780) 416-9098
Fax: (780) 640-9453
Assistant Condo Manager: Cindy Anderson